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       購買寵物之前,請考慮收養動物.  你的決定可以改變被遺棄動物一生的命運!   


一起 "領養、不棄養"

Before buying a pet, please consider adoption.   Your wise decision can change the destiny of an abandoned animal!

Here to share some animal charities information, adopt a shelter animal, give them a loving home.

Together we " Adopt, Save Lives" 

流浪貓屋 Stray Cats Home

Home For Paws

毛孩守護者 Paws Guardian 

香港流浪狗之家 HK Homeless Dog Shelter

拯救遺棄寵物中心 RCAP

香港流浪貓護理之家 HKCCC Association

HKDR Hong Kong Dog Rescue


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