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動物靈氣療癒之旅 Animal Reiki Healing Journey


每次看到受病苦所困的人和動物時, 內心總是想着我有什麽可以幫到忙 ...



中復原得順暢一點. 雖然有時在生命的某個時刻,我們都必須離開。 但是在

這個時刻,靈氣也有助於他們在最後的一刻平靜地渡過 ...


的服務。感謝所有主人們的信任, 讓我 (Petmama Garden) 為您的毛小孩做靈氣療癒,


未來,期待開設一個小小的靈氣療癒工作室, 當然,一定會是個 Pet-Friendly 的地方 : )


Every time when I see people and animals suffering from illness, I always think about what can I do to help...

Until I met Usui Reiki, my heart tells me that this is what I can do to relieve the pain from people and animals.

Reiki healing helps to soothe emotions, balance body energy, and helps the healing process recovery goes

smoother. Although at some point in life, we all have to go. But when this moment arrive, Reiki can also

helps to get through the last moment more peacefully...

After completed my first pet client reiki healing session, I felt that Reiki healing is a service that I can do for others

till my old age. Thanks to all the owners for trusting me (Petmama Garden) to do reiki healing for your furry kids

and letting the energy from the universe to heal the unspeakable pain in animals.

In the future, I look forward to open a small Reiki healing studio and of course, it will definitely be a Pet-Friendly place : )

with love & light from Petmama Garden

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