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寵物靈氣 Animal Reiki

Updated: Nov 25, 2022


對日本靈氣療愈感興趣已有一段時間了,所以最近在日本靈氣協會完成了靈氣課程, 並持續在練習中。現在, 我可以為有需要的動物和人們提供靈氣治療。為他們的痛苦出一點力.



靈氣 (Reiki) 源於日本,指宇宙生命的能量。 利用宇宙能量來補充及提供人類 / 動物所欠缺、淤塞、過剩的不平衡能量,加速自癒能力的自然方法。 美國一些醫療機構亦已將靈氣課程納入醫護人員持續進修課程之一。



我閒時會幫動物做 "遙距靈氣治療"。遙距靈氣與面對面做靈氣具有相同的效果,因此無需擔心遙距靈氣治愈效果不佳。

遙距靈氣的一個好處是, 動物不需要出門(這會讓它們更加緊張),動物不需要與靈氣治療師接觸(有些動物不喜歡陌生人) . 但當然,如果動物歡迎靈氣治療師,面對面做也是好的 ~

溫馨提示: 靈氣治療 不能代替獸醫 / 醫生的治療。請按照醫生的指示服用藥物和醫療程序。

I had always wanted to do something for those that are in pain (especially health pain). However, I am not a doctor nor a nurse. So what can I do?

I have been interested in energy healing for a long time. Lately I had completed the Japan reiki course and keep on practicing ever since. Now, I can provide reiki healing to animal and people in needs.

What is reiki?

In a simple explanation, Reiki is receiving energy from the universe. This energy can help balance the energy in one's body and help speed up the healing process.

Reiki is especially useful in animals, animals are very pure and they are more sensitive to the energy field. For animals, I currently do distant reiki healing. Distant reiki has the same effect of doing reiki in person so there're nothing to worry that distant reiki is less effective. The benefits for distant animal reiki is that the animal does not need to travel outside of their home (which can make them more nervous), the animal does not need to get in contact with the reiki healer (some animals are not comfortable with strangers). But of course, if the animal welcome the reiki healer, doing it in person is also a good choice.

Friendly reminder that reiki isn’t a substitute for veterinary / doctor treatment, remember to follow your doctor advice ~

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