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100% Natural Dry Clean Powder (Refill) 


Deodorize, refresh &  help absorb excess oil in between regular shampoo.  Also suitable for sick and elderly pets that are unable to take bath temporary.  Suitable for dogs & cats


* Dry Clean Powder cannot replace regular wet shampoo bath

* Free of harmful chemicals . Non-scented

* PETA certified cruelty free  




1- Sprinkle lightly on pet's coat (too much powder will make it harder to remove & make sure to shield pet's face, nose and eyes when sprinkling powder on).  Avoid powder from wound and gential area.


2- Gently rub the dry powder onto the coat and thoroughly brush the pet's coat in all directions to remove the powder.    


Ingredients: zea mays, sodium bicarbonate, UK kaolin clay    


Cautions:  do NOT use on wounds, eyes, nose, ear, mouth, genital areas.  If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult with veterinarian. External use only  


Size: 65g   Expiration: 12 months


Handmade in HK

Natural Dry Clean Powder (Refill)

  • \ 環保補充裝 /

    寵物乾洗粉成分天然溫和. 幫助寵物毛毛除臭、吸收多餘油脂
    適用於暫時無法用水洗澡的寵物 (貓狗)
    ** 乾洗粉不能代替濕洗

    無香味 + 不含有害化學物質 + 100%天然無添加 + 美國PETA 認證無殘忍動物測試


    1 - 輕輕灑粉末在寵物的毛毛上 .
         當灑粉末時, 確保避開寵物的臉、鼻子、眼睛、傷口和生殖器

    2 - 輕輕揉搓毛毛上的乾粉, 然後從各方向用梳子去除粉末

    ** 注意事項:請勿用於傷口、眼睛、鼻子、耳朵、嘴巴、生殖器區域
    ** 粉末灑太多會比較難去除
    ** 如出現皮膚敏感,請停止使用並諮詢獸醫。
    ** 僅供外部使用
    ** 存放於陰涼乾燥處

    成分: 玉米、碳酸氫鈉、英國高嶺土

    size: 65g / expiration: 12 months / handmade in HK

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