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遙 距 動 物 靈 氣 療 癒 服 務


  • 每次 30 分鐘 
  • 完成後會發電郵給主人跟進動物情況
  • 預約次數,只需在購物車中添加"數量" 即可 ( 建議一天一次 )
  • 需要主人給的信息( 請電郵給 ):毛小孩的照片, 毛小孩居住地址, 姓名、年齡、健康問題、動物類型、性別
  • 網上下單後, 閣下會收到一封電郵 (請檢查您的垃圾郵箱),透過電郵預約遙距靈氣療癒服務的日期和時間.  主人和寵物不需要為靈氣療癒準備任何事情,只需放鬆在家享受靈氣便可。
  • 每位毛小孩在完成遙距靈氣療癒後會收到一份小禮物(平郵寄出)


注 意 : 


  • 靈氣療癒不能夠取代獸醫的治療,如有任何健康問題,要趕快送醫。
  • 靈氣療癒是輔助療法,讓生病的復元過程更順利,  平衡動物的體內能量、協助牠們放鬆,促進免疫系統,加強抵抗力。
  • 了解更多 ,請按 靈氣療癒 Q & A          




遙距動物靈氣療癒 Distant Reiki for Animals

    • Each distant reiki healing session is 30 minutes
    • After healing session has completed, an email will be sent to you to follow up with the pet's status
    • Number of the session can be added accordingly in the shopping cart (suggest once a day)
    • Information I need from pet owner (by email): pet's photo, pet's name, address, age, health issue, breed, sex.  
    • After you have paid for the booking, an email will be send to you for scheduling the time & date of the distant reiki healing session.  There's nothing needs to be prepare for the session, just simply enjoy and relax at home for the reiki healing. (Please be sure to check your email spam box in case you didn't receive the email)
    • A small gift will be send to each pets that has completed a reiki healing session (sent by local post) 

                 Important message:

    • Reiki healing cannot replace any veterinarian / doctor advice, medication, surgery, therapy.  Please take your pets to a veterinarian if there are any health issue.
    • Reiki Healing is an adjunctive therapy that helps the health recovery process smoother, balances the energy , helps relax and promote the immune system.
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