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遙 距 動 物 靈 氣 療 癒 Distant Animal Reiki Healing  


  • 每次 30 分鐘 (HK$200)

  • 完成後會發電郵給主人跟進動物情況

  • 需要主人給的信息( 請電郵給 ):毛小孩的照片, 毛小孩居住地址、 姓名、年齡、健康問題、動物類型、性別

  • 透過電郵預約遙距靈氣療癒的日期和時間.  主人和寵物不需要為靈氣療癒準備任何事情,只需放鬆在家享受靈氣便可。

  • 每位毛小孩在完成遙距靈氣療癒後會收到一份小禮物(平郵寄出)


注 意 : 


  • 靈氣療癒不能夠取代獸醫的治療,如有任何健康問題,要趕快送醫。

  • 靈氣療癒是輔助療法,讓生病的復元過程更順利,  平衡動物的體內能量、協助牠們放鬆,促進免疫系統,加強抵抗力。

  • 了解更多 ,請按 靈氣療癒 Q & A          

  • Each distant reiki healing session is 30 minutes (HK$200)

  • After healing session has completed, an email will be sent to you to follow up with the pet's status

  • Booking are accepted through email:

  • Information I need from pet owner (by email): pet's photo, pet's name, address, age, health issue, breed, sex.  

  • There's nothing needs to be prepare for the session, just simply let your pets enjoy and relax at home for the reiki healing. 

  • A small gift will be send to each pets that has completed a reiki healing session (sent by local post) 


Important message:

  • Reiki healing cannot replace any veterinarian / doctor advice, medication, surgery, therapy.  Please take your pets to a veterinarian if there are any health issue.

  • Reiki Healing is an adjunctive therapy that helps the health recovery process smoother, balances the energy , helps relax and promote the immune system.

  • For Reiki Q&A, please click here

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