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Hello, this is Vivi, the creator of Petmama Garden. 

The first product Organic Paws Balm was born when my dog (Happy) was diagnosed

with cancer back in 2014  When Happy was sick, his nose became very dried to a

point that it almost cracked...  I wanted to sooth his unpleasant feelings in his last

journey in any possible ways I can. So I had made the paws balm with all natural

ingredients to nourish his little nose.   

I kept making this balm even after Happy went to the rainbow bridge... it served as

a memory of him and to help dogs and cats (or any animals) that may needed this balm. 

In these few years, I had studied a few courses on pet care and learnt to produce a few

more natural pet care products that I'd feel safe for my own pets to use.  I do not add in any

ingredients that I do not feel safe. Ingredients are human-grade, food-grade (mostly) and

comes from nature. 


Supporting cruelty free products has been a practice for me for almost 20 years so

Petmama Garden is also cruelty free and certified by PETA (USA).


Thank you for your support . May your pet's life fills with joy and wellness 



100% handmade goods in Hong Kong                                          PETA certified cruelty free                                      Natural & Organic ingredients 

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