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How it started: 

Hello, this is Vivi, the creator of Petmama Garden. 

The first product "Organic Paws Balm" was made when my dog (Happy) was diagnosed with cancer back in 2014.  When Happy was sick, his nose became very dried and almost cracked... so I made this balm to help nourish the dryness on the nose and to reduce the discomfort during his last journey.   I kept making the balm even after Happy went to the rainbow bridge... it served as a memory of him and to help dogs and cats (or any animals) that may needed this balm. 


All of Petmama Garden's pet care products are made with human-grade, food-grade (mostly), natural and organic ingredients. These are the products that I will use on my own pets and recommend to family & friends because I know they are safe to use.


Petmama Garden promise to you & your pets:

All products are free from toxic chemicals 

Dog soaps are palm oil free (support protection of rainforest & wild animals)

100% free from animal testing & certified by PETA cruelty free brand 


Supports eco-friendly packaging as much as possible 


Happy was found on the street with ropes ties around his mouth that had left a deep scar on him. Happy came into my life when he was 1 year old and despite the pain & suffering of his past, He was so sweet and adorable to everyone he meets.  


Meet the manager:

Hi all, my name is Panda, a rescued ex-breeder's dog.  I am now the manager of Petmama Garden ~ I will be assisting mommy with processing your order! I promise you my soft fluffy fur won't get into your package ^^ wink ~

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