數年前當愛犬生病的時候, 鼻子變得非常乾燥, 看起來像快要破裂的感覺。

為了舒緩的不適感,  便製作了第一件毛小孩有機護理小物:


從那時開始, 便一直在修讀各式各樣有關寵物健康的課程。

Petmama Garden 只製造讓毛小孩安心使用的天然無添加日常小物。

When my dog was ill a few years ago, his nose became extremely dry and cracked.   To help sooth his discomfort, I've made the first organic pet care product : 

"organic paws balm" (for nose, paws & dry skin). 

Since then, I have been studying different courses related to pet’s.   

Petmama Garden only makes natural pet care products that is safe for pet to use.



"Petmama Garden" 以毛小孩為本的概念來製造天然, 有機無添加的"日常護理系列".   

   相信"少即是多", 盡量選用最基本的包裝和最天然的材料。 溫和對待寵物和地球。 

At Petmama Garden, pets always come first.    Believed that "Less is more" by using minimal packaging and natural ingredients​.  Gentle to the pets and the earth. 



從小開始和寵物一起生活, 現已30年了 !   龜,兔子,倉鼠,狗和貓都是我的毛小孩。

如果沒有牠們的存在, 生活便少了很多活力, 歡樂和笑容。真的很謝謝毛小孩。 



I had lived with pets since I was little and now its has been 30 years already!  Turtle, rabbits, cats, hamsters and dogs are all my furry kids.  A life without pets to me means less vitality , less smile and less happiness.   I thanks all the pets dearly for bringing joy into my life.

            about me 

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曾修讀的寵物課程  Course studied related to animals:

綜合犬隻護理課程 Integrated Dog Care Course

狗貓餅乾蛋糕製作課程 Dogs & Cats Bakery Course

寵物天然護理產品課程  Natural Pet Care Product Course

寵物按摩療法證書課程  Pets Massage Therapy Certificate

美國ECSI寵物急救課程 ECSI Pet Emergency Care & Safety Certificate

寵物香薰證書課程 (澳洲芳療學院) Pets Aromatherapy Certificate

寵物美容師C & B 級  Certified C & B Level Pet Groomer 

Other studies:

心理學學士 (美國) Bachelor's  degree in Psychology (US)

日本靈氣治療 I & II (人和動物) Japan Usui Reiki Therapy I & II (human & animal)

日本裏千家茶道課程 Japan Urasenke Tea Ceremony course (Beginner)



100% handmade goods in Hong Kong                                          PETA certified cruelty free                                      Natural & Organic ingredients 

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