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限量「愛心套裝」送給您的毛小孩、和有毛小孩的朋友 / 家人~


1 x 天然乾洗粉 65 克

1 x 貓狗肉球有機滋潤膏 30 克

1 x 驅蚤止癢狗狗沐浴皂(常規尺寸)

1 x 肥皂泡網


Share your love with this Limited Edition "Bundle of Pet Love Set"

with your pets, your friends and family who has a fur baby~ 


1 x  Dry Clean Powder 65g

1 x  Organic Paws Balm 30g

1 x  Anti - fleas Dog Washing Soap (regular size)

1 x  Soap Foaming Net


Bundle of Pet Love Set

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