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使用有機認証椰子油和乳木果製成的Happy Paws Balm 滋潤、舒緩、 修復寵物的乾燥肉球。99%天然有機和食品級成分寵物可安心使用。


*也可用於乾燥的鼻子 / 乾燥肘部


I 使用 I


I 成分 I
有機認証椰子油. 乳木果,特級初榨橄欖油,天然蜂蠟, 維生素E


I 無 I
無防腐劑 .  無色 . 無香料 . 無化學物質 . 美國PETA認證無殘酷動物測試


I 有效期 I 


I Size I 


I 注意 I
如使用後不適/敏感, 請停止使用。

Organic Happy Paws Balm

SKU: pc02
  • When dogs & cats paws become dry and left untreated, dry paw pads can cause discomfort, obsessive licking / biting, and more prone to loss of grip, injury, cracking and bleeding.

    Happy Paws Balm is made with 99% natural, organic and food grade ingredients to help heals and moisturize paws, nose and skin for dogs & cats.

     II How to Use II 
    take a small amount using Q-tip or finger, gently apply on the paw pads until absorb. use as needed.

     II Ingredients  II
    certified organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, natural beeswax, vitamin E

    II Caution  II
    discontinue use if irritation occurs
    store in cool dry place

    II N/A  II
    No preservative, No artificial fragrance, No artificial coloring, No chemicals

    II Certification  II
    PETA certified cruelty free  

     II Size  II         

    II Storage time II

    10 months

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