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100% organic neem oil for use with a dog's collar.

Helps protect from insect bites.  Also serve as an extra protection along with your own pet's insect repellent. Perfect small bottle size to bring outdoors! 



Before putting on the dog's collar, add 2 - 3 drops of the neem oil on the collar.  Put the collar on the dog (the side with oil facing up).  *Repeat everytime your dog's go outside.

Suggest to wash the collar regularly. 


* PETA certified cruelty free

* Do NOT soak the collar

* Do NOT apply directly on pet's skin & fur

* For dogs only



organic neem oil from India



If irritation occurs, please discontinue use, consult with veterinarian / doctor if irritation persist.  For external use only.

Keep in cool, dark dry place


Size: 15ml  Expiration: 12 months 


Handmade with love in HK

Organic Neem Oil Prevent insect bites (for dog's collar)

  • 100% 有機苦楝油,適用於狗狗頸圈。
    苦楝油有助預防昆蟲叮咬。 小瓶尺寸方便帶到戶外散步!

    天然有機無添加 + 美國PETA認證無殘忍動物測試

    在給狗狗戴上頸圈之前,在頸圈上滴2-3滴苦楝油。 將頸圈戴在狗狗身上(有油的一面朝上)。 *每次狗狗外出前,請重複一次使用方法



    如果使用後出現敏感,請停止使用,如敏感持續,請諮詢獸醫/醫生。 僅限外用。保存於陰涼、乾燥處

    Size: 15ml / Expiration: 12 months / Handmade in HK

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